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By: Anonymous | Published On: 21/11/19 10:36 pm

Volley with the stars for Rode Neuzen Dag

A volleyball court, a couple of famous individuals, some funny new rules during the game, some food, some drinks and the motivation to collect money for charity...What more do you need? A DJ that keeps the crowd engaged and the players amused! And that's where misterKRIS came in.

The students from Topsportschool Vilvoorde decided to organize a volleyball game for charity where they would compete with and against Belgian stars such as Kris Wauters, Sven Nijs, Tia Hellebaut and many more. And HEAT was more than happy to set the musical tone for this event.

So what was volley with the stars all about? It was volleyball with a twist on. Some people were blindfolded, some were tied together by handcuffs and here and there, we saw a mole appear in the territory of the opposing team. All which contributed to the main goal of the event: having fun while raising money for charity. And all of this on the soundtrack of misterKRIS which made people clap loudly, find their best dance moves and sing a tone or two. 

The end result: HEAT has (litteraly) set the tone for many happy faces and a lot of money raised for charity.